Investment Philosophy

The Brinker Capital investment philosophy is guided by three core principles: diversification, innovation and active management.

disciplined investment process

Brinker Capital’s investment philosophy establishes a broad opportunity set for achieving returns and managing risk by constructing diversified portfolios that allocate assets across and within six asset classes.  Each portfolio investment strategy sets a specific objective that Brinker Capital attempts to achieve by seeking the most consistent risk-adjusted returns possible. This philosophy is guided by three core principles:  diversification, innovation and active management.


We help build and protect investor wealth using a broadly diversified approach.

The foundation of our investment approach is broad diversification across and within six major asset classes, including traditional asset classes (domestic equity, international equity, fixed income) and non-traditional, or alternative, asset classes (absolute return, real assets, private equity). This approach is based on the time-proven investment principles used by large academic endowments and institutions. Our sophisticated diversification approach provides us with great flexibility in building portfolios using combinations of the various major and sub-asset classes, resulting in a suite of investment solutions that can meet a multitude of investor goals and objectives.

brinker capital’s multi-asset class investment philosophy


Because the portfolio investors have today won’t be the same as the portfolio they have in five years, we continually look for ways to innovate.

The best way to inspire trust and confidence is to reinforce the support we provide.  We look beyond the style boxes, the usual investment classes, and the advice of popular fund managers for better and more unique strategies to help our clients achieve their goals.  Our intensive, team-based approach enables us to generate ideas and then employ our disciplined investment process to achieve consistent risk-adjusted returns and downside protection over time.

innovation in product construction

active management

By staying active and diligent, we can help investors pursue their goals without missing potential opportunities.

Our experienced investment management team provides access to the asset management expertise of many of the world’s most respected firms to support your investment goals.

We apply rigorous initial and ongoing due diligence to our underlying investment strategies to identify the investments that best complement the portfolios, while offering broad diversification and appropriate levels of risk. We carefully evaluate every asset manager and strategy that we recommend to make sure that they meet our standards for performance and integrity. In addition, we monitor and actively reallocate our portfolios to take advantage of both the short and long term market opportunities.

disciplined due diligence process