Brinker Capital was founded by Charles Widger in 1987 based on the beliefs that individuals have diverse investment goals and that everyone should have access to the same investment services that are available to large institutions, foundations and endowments.

great ideas:  Helping investors create real purchasing power.

Independent thinking helps investors achieve better outcomes.

Investors think in terms of paying for a child’s education, having enough income during retirement, leaving a legacy behind – personal goals unique to each of them. At Brinker Capital, your ideas about investing are important to us. Investing should be personal and focused on achieving goals and objectives, not beating benchmarks and indices.

unlocking opportunities through the power of diversification

strong discipline:  Diversified investment approach.

We believe that broad diversification translates into broader opportunities.

We are anchored by our six-asset class approach to investing,
adapted from the Yale endowment model. This philosophy unlocks opportunities to create a wide array of products to help meet the needs of investors and institutions.

multi-asset class investment philosophy

better outcomes:  Delivering solutions to achieve better outcomes.

At Brinker Capital, we implement great ideas through a disciplined approach and forward-thinking solutions to achieve better outcomes.

We are delivering better outcomes by providing investors with smart investment options, thoughtful innovations, solid research and useful technology.

great ideas help investors achieve better outcomes