Investment solutions

Personal Benchmark

The primary purpose of our Personal Benchmark program is to help investors manage the emotions of investing. We achieve this by embedding the principles of mental accounting into Brinker Capital’s multi-asset class investment philosophy. We seek to meet an investor’s specific goals and not just beat a capital market index.

Great ideas

Investing is personal. At times, it can also be emotional. All too often, even experienced investors who work with an advisor can buy or sell at the wrong time. Instead, it is better to focus on what matters most to you to improve your investment experience.

Performance of the markets vs. an average investor

Strong discipline

Utilizing a mental accounting approach, we combine an investor’s personal objectives and risk tolerance to give more purpose to investing.  Personal Benchmark portfolios are segmented into four separate investment categories, each with a different risk/return characteristic strategically combined to meet your overall investment objective.


Investors decide on and rank what matters most

Better outcomes

Performance is measured in terms of progress toward achieving your outcomes versus beating a capital market index.