Services For

Plan Sponsors

By giving individual plan participants the tools to look past the ups and downs of the economy and to see the wisdom of a purposeful, long-term investment, Brinker Capital helps your employees stay focused on their retirement and stay optimistic at every step of the journey. Even though every plan participant’s retirement expectations are different, Brinker Capital focuses on each client’s specific needs to provide the solution that makes the journey rewarding.

a proven process

The foundation for every Brinker Capital plan is built around the belief that independent and completely objective analysis with broad diversification in model portfolios provides the best opportunity for plan participants to reach their investment goals. Brinker Capital offers fully bundled or unbundled solutions that provide fiduciary coverage.

  • Individual Investment Options – Individual mutual funds, actively managed and indexed funds and exchange-traded funds are available to complement our managed accounts.
  • Managed Accounts – Professionally managed portfolios designed to meet specific objectives based on risk and return characteristics with broad diversification.
  • Self-Directed Brokerage – Provides a plan the option of adding directed brokerage for discretionary investing, subject to the custodian’s requirements.

fiduciary coverage

Brinker Capital is fully compliant with the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) and assumes fiduciary responsibility as an ERISA 3(38) investment manager – in writing.  This means that you can be sure that any decision we make or advice we give has the research and insight to back it up.  By removing some of the fiduciary burden off of you, this allows you to focus on the needs of your employees and providing the best tools for their retirement.

comprehensive support

In addition to strategic service and support partnerships, you’ll also have access to powerful educational and administrative tools. Along with customized enrollment and educational materials, plan participants have online access to a personalized dashboard where they can:

  1. Make election changes and fund transfers
  2. View account balances with detailed investment views, fund performance and transaction listing
  3. Easy access to retirement tools

Brinker Capital’s goal is to provide you with everything that you need to reduce complexities, save time and keep employees focused on the one thing that matters most: a sound and effortless retirement.