Brinker Capital is a privately-held investment management firm empowering financial advisors to help their clients achieve better outcomes. From wealth accumulation to risk-based and income-oriented strategies, we offer a range of dynamic, multi-asset class solutions to help financial advisors meet the changing needs of investors.

Great ideas:  Helping investors create real purchasing power.

Strength, stability and service since 1987.

Wealth cannot be created unless capital is invested – and remains invested. The right financial  advisor and our experienced investment management can help investors reach their goals.

Strong discipline:  Dynamic, multi-asset class investment approach.

We believe that broad diversification translates into broader opportunities.

Meaningful diversification means we utilize a mix of growth, stable, and diversifying assets, as well as active and passive investments, within our portfolios.

Better outcomes:  Delivering better outcomes based on investors' personal goals.

Goals are personal. Solutions should be too.

We are focused on goals and outcomes for financial advisors and investors with solutions designed to fit all types of risk profiles. Thoughtful asset allocation, manager selection, and portfolio construction are how we help to create wealth. Diversification is more than a theory; it’s the philosophy that encompasses everything we do.  Our portfolios are dynamic and include a mix of growth, stable, and diversifying assets, as well as a blend of both active and passive strategies.